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We will present the petition to political leaders from the world’s parliaments and the United Nations.

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Ways to take action

46% selected this issue

Free and fair elections

  • Vote!
  • Know the candidates
  • Be informed about local, national and global issues
  • Run for office
56% selected this issue

Human rights and the rule of law

  • Understand and defend your rights
  • Raise your voice against violations
  • Offer practical support to victims of human rights abuses
  • Lobby for human rights legislation
38% selected this issue

Gender equality

  • Teach children that all genders are equal
  • Speak out in defence of education for girls
  • Do not remain silent when you witness sexism
41% selected this issue

Strong parliaments

  • Understand the power and duties of all branches of government
  • Hold your representatives accountable
  • Pressure parliament for full transparency of its work and denounce abuse of power
43% selected this issue

Freedom of expression

  • Oppose restrictive laws on the freedom of expression
  • Reach out to your representative to express views on issues that concern you
  • Defend a free and open media
41% selected this issue

Active civil society

  • Join a local civil society organization
  • Get involved in campaigns and groups working on issues important to you
  • Contribute to a more inclusive society by promoting solidarity between people of different races, religions and genders
  • Support civic education efforts